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Chamblee Doraville CID: Helping a growing community build for the future


Commercial property owners in one of Atlanta’s most diverse, fastest growing commercial areas wanted to play an active role in protecting and improving their interests and planning for the future. But after two years of discussing the creation of a Community Improvement District, they needed expert help getting it done.



With just five months left to meet their goal of launching a CID in 2019, Lexicon Strategies stepped in.

We came up with a new, more effective strategic approach that captured an initial membership of 155 commercial parcels owned by 94 investors/owners valued at $400 million in commercial property.

We developed technical support and resources, including using tax digest data for parcel owners and values and financial modeling; geographic information systems for illustrations and mapping; and corresponding software platforms to sort relevant information and project schedules.

We launched new communications approaches under a Centers of Influence strategy, including business networks, outreach mailers, community meetings and direct calls.

And we managed political strategy including city and county government outreach for ongoing project support as well as certification and ultimately the new CID’s approval.

We accelerated what's often a years-long process, uniting stakeholders to get it done in just five months—and under budget.



The new Chamblee Doraville CID was certified by the DeKalb County Tax Commissioner on time and secured quick—and unanimous—approvals by city councils in Doraville and Chamblee.

With a revenue projection of $850,000 in its first year, the new CID will leverage these funds against public sources to help develop an urban center for businesses, visitors and residents in a growing commercial hub that connects and engages a dynamic community.

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