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Making Sense of Today's Media Landscape: Digital & Social

Don't let your message get lost.

The leadership team at Lexicon Strategies has created highly targeted & massively successful digital and social campaigns on every platform.

We help you find and speak authentically to your audience in a saturated world. We make your message deliver on every platform.



- Award-winning: AAPC Pollie Award for “Best Voter-File Matched Advertising”, plus Pollies for “The Best Facebook App” to “The Best New Use of YouTube” to “Best Online Video” to “Best Banner Ad Campaigns.”

- Measured: Addy-Winning celebrity Snapchat campaign for Viacom with over 2M views in 12 hours and a 42% completion rate in first 24 hours. Three Facebook video campaigns for Microsoft with over 5M views in 48 hours.

- Record-breaking: Shattering target social audience engagement records with branded content for brands like Sprite, KitchenAid, Food Network, Nickelodeon, P&G, SC Johnson, Chase and Microsoft.

- Territory-breaking: Developed and delivered social influencer 360 digital video content for Toyota, Orbitz and A+E Networks.

- Consistent: Interactive technology partner for The Center for Civil and Human Rights and Change.org, creating AMMO, Addy and Promax award winning Augmented Reality (AR) app and kiosks.

- Prolific: Have developed and delivered over 800 hours of digital and social video for brands like NBC Universal, Mercedes Benz, Warner Brothers CBS News, P&G, The Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, and Clorox.

Voters and constituents are constantly in motion across platforms & devices.

Voters and constituents are constantly in motion across platforms & devices.

We know how to drive new technologies and launch innovative targeting that transforms new media and traditional media into a unified strategy that is more than the sum of the parts.

Online advertising is most effective when it is closely coordinated with a campaign’s overall priorities and message goals. Too many campaigns focus on simply collecting “likes” and adding more “followers” and they overlook the most important innovation in online advertising: delivering persuasive video content to the right micro-targeted voters, with the right message, at just the right moment.

We make sure that all of the elements sing together in a unified and sophisticated message strategy that demands attention to persuade and win.

We're fully integrated with BARK BARK, one of the leading multi-platform content strategy firms on the planet.

We're fully integrated with BARK BARK, one of the leading multi-platform content strategy firms on the planet.

The right digital strategy isn't a "what", it's a "how".

When putting together our content strategy and our ad buys, we always take into consideration the right place to reach the right voters with the right message.   Utilizing the best data, research, and modeling available we’re able to calculate where to deliver the greatest frequency of our message at the lowest cost across multiple mediums: tv, radio, digital, social.

Our approach has led to the Collective Award for the “Best Use of Third Screen.” as well as awards for content on every platform.

We have access to more than 600 million browser cookies and device profiles matched to the national voter file.  This expansive ad network allows us to target the voters that need to see our video and banner ads the most.  We’ve used this effectively as a powerful supplement to our television and radio buy to drive repetition with key voters with unique messages.

With the great advancements with voter-file match and geo-fencing technology, we’ve even been able to digitally target influencers, opinion leaders, lawmakers, legislative staff, and all the decision makers involved in public affairs or legislative campaigns.

* several projects lead by members of Lexicon Strategies prior to firm's inception.

Above, view the reel of BARK BARK, our exclusive content creation partner.