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Sharing Hope Socially for Minute Maid

Branded Social Campaigns with Minute Maid + Upworthy

In partnership with our in-house creative team, BARK BARK, we created a multi-month branded social campaign with Upworthy that follows the inspiring stories of four families that are #doingood in their communities.


Our original docu-style series for Minute Maid helped drive awareness towards Minute Maid’s overall brand campaign #doingood and recognize hardworking parents for all they’ve sacrificed for their children and the community. Throughout the process, we worked closely with Upworthy and Minute Made to ensure we were making compelling branded content that would resonate with both of their audiences without overt messaging, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers online who were moved by these stories.

Upworthy is an amazing modern, digital media partner because of the highly-engaged audience they represent and the expertise of their teams:

  • Upworthy readers are 6x more likely to share social posts than the top 25 media brands (Buzzfeed, NYT, WSJ, etc. etc.), 4x more likely to comment on social posts.

  • The conversion rate of Upworthy readers is 56% higher than the average news publication.

After doing an extensive casting search around the country for the best families, we paired several of BARK BARK's directors with each family to differentiate the campaign with multiple creative visions and styles. Over several months, we took our small, nimble crew across the east coast through New York, Indiana, and Georgia to capture these stories in their natural environment.

The video featuring the Stroming family had a very successful debut, accumulating over 4m views, 64k likes, and 10k shares within one week.

The Upworthy campaigns featured in-depth advertorial articles and enhanced digital content.

The Upworthy campaigns featured in-depth advertorial articles and enhanced digital content.

Each episode of content in the series was centered around the overall parenting theme, while being released around specific target dates, like Father’s Day and back-to-school. In less than a week, the first video had amassed almost 2m views, 25k likes, and 5k shares on Upworthy’s Facebook page.

This successful digital campaign continued with an inspiring story about fatherhood featuring James Savannah, which reached over 500k views in one day.